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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ways to Save Google TV

Logitech was one of the first companies that supported Google TV. The company recently announced that it slashed the price of its Logitech Revue Google TV box to $99. This would sell the units at a loss. To make matters worse, Logitech said that the Revue had more returns than sales in the second quarter of this year. google tv

Google plans to revamp the Google TV software this summer so that it would feature an interface based on Android Honeycomb and give users access to the Android Market. Google must also learn from the mistakes of the first generation in order to save the platform.

Google must keep the price of Google TV set-top boxes below $100 to be competitive. Apple TV costs $99 and Roku goes as low as $59. Logitech might say that a $99 Google TV would bring the company losses but more expensive boxes will turn off the consumers.

Google should ship complete hardware because consumers want to get their content without any troubles. When the company launched Google TV, the software was buggy and it didn’t support Android remote controls.

Google and its hardware partners should promote the advantages of a Google TV and why they should get one instead of Roku or Apple TV. Google could use its Android platform as a marketing point.

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