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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big 4 free agents: Kept 2, lost 2

The big rumor floating around Cardinals practice Monday morning centered on free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards. The highly unconfirmed chatter is that Edwards, who had already been rumored as a Cardinals' target, was in Arizona already.

The simple reason in this salary cap era is that signing Plaxico Burress was primarily about money. This was not about the Jets showing Braylon Edwards any disrespect.

The Vikings are said to be choosing between him and Braylon Edwards. A source told me that the Packers are out of it, but are monitoring the situation. If things break down with the Vikes or other teams, it's possible Green Bay gets

Braylon Edwards could be the difference between Chris Johnson rushing for 1300 yards and 2000 yards. He would not only give Johnson more room to run, but CJ would also be more inclined to end his potentially lengthy holdout. Right now, the Tennessee

Braylon Edwards is far and away the best receiver still available on the free agent market. The Chicago Bears, who have had a need at wide receiver since World War II, would be wise to go after the former pro bowl receiver. But despite that gaping hole

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