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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dell Data Center Powers Bing Maps

Microsoft and Dell designed a modular data center that will be utilized as dedicated image processor for Bing Maps. The servers are located on a Microsoft facility in Boulder, Colorado. The data center module will support Bird’s Eye, Streetside, satellite and aerial images available in Bing Maps. Microsoft hopes that the dedicated server can render the images faster than before.
 Bing Maps

According to Brad Clark, Group Program Manager of Bing Maps Imagery Technologies, their goal was to push technological boundaries and at the same time build an efficient and cost effective microsite. They came up with a high performance microsite that delivers complicated geospatial apps that can combine different pieces of images into a cohesive mosaic that the public can access.

The Bing Maps data center uses Dell cooling system to provide fresh air with evaporative cooling technology. It achieved to a Power Usage Effectiveness rating of 1.03. According to the vice president and general manager of Dell’s Data Center Solutions Group, Roy Guillen, they were able to create an innovative and cost efficient microsite that will hold Microsoft’s state-of-the-art imagery offerings. He added that Dell saw an opportunity to push the envelope and utilize the experience to give more efficient solutions to its customers.

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