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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Case of the Ex? Rumors Buzzing on Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Break-Up

Jasmine V, aka Jasmine Villegas, a hot young recording artist who burst on the scene by kissing Justin Bieber last year, has been hard at "Werk." On recording tracks and music videos, not spelling, apparently. In the video for her latest single,

Latest update on Jasmine Villegas takes up a challenge for a dance-off against her alter ego to win the affection of Romeo. Jasmine V has dropped a music video for her latest si.

Selena Gómez, la cantante y actriz que está causando furor entre los adolescentes y novia del no menos famoso Justin Bieber, estaría decidida a romper relaciones con el cantante después de ver unas fotos de él junto a su ex novia Jasmine Villegas,

The ex in question is another pop star who hasn't quite reached the celeb position of Selena, even though Jasmine Villegas looks an awful lot like the Bieb&.

"baby, justin bieber and jasmine villegas, year, justin bieber, 10 08:09 am thanks for your response. She's not dating the pop star, " but don't worry, justin bieber's relationship with jasmine villegas looks like more than a fling to

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