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Monday, October 3, 2011

Is Blackberry Still Worth?

From the latest data Blackberry has reached 2.4 million users. Unfortunately the sweet story is not always accompany it.


Unlike Android or iPhone, the Blackberry browser seem old and lost in terms of technology because the Blackberry does not display the web page as on a PC. The Blackberry web pages view is back on the 90's. Many Blackberry users who often complained about the slow browser. Although RIM bought Torch Mobile, which makes the Webkit-based Iris browser. WebKit layout engine is also used in the iPhone, Android, and Symbian. However, the Blackberry yet still leaves the same problem.


Blackberry by RIM also introduced its first touch-screen phone in the Storm series. However, the reality haptic feedback with all the buttons on the screen, with a virtual key can not help most users. Storm proved to be slower than  iPhone or a Blackberry with a physical keyboard is more old school than the Storm. Although RIM has improved the Storm at Strom 2 with new touchscreen improvisation, yet still able to beat when it benchmarked with iPhone touchscreen and Samsung Galaxy or other products and even Sony Ericsson’s HTC Android. If you want smrtphone with a touch screen, and comes with a fun game, except that you want a different experience from a mobile phone cursing you as a friend to play in his spare time and do not really need to go online and e-mail notifications are always for the sake of a particular social network, the Blackberry is certainly not as an option.


With the number of Android and iPhone users, Blackberry App Store is hard to follow presents a number of innovations through it App Store. It’s because the Apple iPhone App Store has sold hundreds of thousands of applications and served free apps to, while the Blackberry App Store came with only 3 thousands applications, while Android is close to 400 thousands of applications ready to use.


Wi-Fi has become popular features in the smart-phone or mobile phone. But previously known,  Blackberry Storm and Tour was released with 3G access, with no Wi-Fi. Even Gemini often get protests because it’s unstable Wi-Fi signal. Although RIM has also presented a model named Essec that has all the features of the Tour, which is contained Wi-Fi.


Blackberry users in some countries may be spelled out very much, but they often find it difficult to arrange music and data with RIM software. Blackberry desktop software can run on a PC and it’s designed for easy transfer of files, music, and data. But the software system is also experiencing a problem setup process, in the setup the software must continues to update it in the latest series. RIM Blackberry software requires improvement to ease its users like play iTunes from your iPhone and Music on Android.

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