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Monday, October 3, 2011

Facebook Following Users Even When Currently Surfing on Other Sites

Technologies expert from Australia, Nik Cubrilovic, shattering the virtual world after issuing a statement that Facebook continues to stalk the user even though they’ve logged off from their accounts.

After launching the Timeline feature which can be accessed directly by its consumer shows a feature that lets someone see who remove them from the list of friends. Other changes, the display profile similar to the scrapbook life of the users and designed to give freedom to the 800 million users to share about what they read, hear or watch in realtime.

However, something frightening is now emerging after Nik Cubrilovic perform a number of tests that show even if the user has logged off from Facebook than deleting all cookies, Facebook actually modifying, maintaining account information, and other unique token to the user identify. “Although you’ve logged out but Facebook is still stalking which sites you’ve visited,” said Cubrilovic. “One important solution is to delete all the cookies up in a separate browser or use a browser if you do interaction on Facebook,” he explained.

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