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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Virus Protection For Mac Computer

Mac computers hold a reputation of being resistant to the infection of computer viruses and threats that are constantly attacking many computers. Some computer users believe that the Mac Operating System is simply more secure than other operating systems, the main reason is that hackers have simply preferred to focus on the most widely used operating system, and we all know that that is Microsoft Windows. At present, the increasing popularity and gaining market share of Mac computers, viruses and malicious software affecting Apple computers are increasing.

What are the types of viruses affect Mac computers?

According to computers experts, there are several types of viruses that can cause a Mac computer to crash. These threats take advantage of security flaws in Microsoft Office and they can also have negative effect to Mac computers when the programs are used on those machines. Another source of viruses are browser plug-ins that are used for viewing animated Flash and PDF files that can also pick up possible threats. Other files that contain trojan horses, spyware and worms from downloading torrent, pirated software, games or adult sites can also infect Mac computers.

How to protect you Mac against viruses?

At present companies such as Symantec, McAfee, and Intego have developed and released virus applications to protect Mac computers. These companies make products that help computer users to protect Macs from threats and viruses. These applications can be bought or downloaded for free directly from the company websites. If your computer system is already infected with a virus, you can also make use of virus-removal applications to track and eliminate the harmful programs on your computer. The best way to prevent a virus is to be careful especially when it comes to visiting websites that you are not sure about their security. Do not open attached files in e-mails especially if you do not know who sent them to you. Try to download security updates for your computer system and browser. Lastly, avoid downloading files from torrent or meta-search engine sites.

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