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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ted Bundy's DNA To Be Added To FBI National Database

A vial of blood belonging to serial killer Ted Bundy has been found in Florida and may be used as evidence to try and solve decades-old cold cases.

He told police that "he admired serial killers, including Ted Bundy, and wanted to kill many people," according to a Prosecutor's Office news release. Police found evidence that Williams fatally beat a family cat with a flashlight and set it on fire at

Was serial killer Ted Bundy responsible for yet another death? A story in the News Tribune of Tacoma explores that possibility this morning in a story by reporter Stacey Mulick. The story is built around a question that has lingered for years: Did

A vial of Ted Bundy's blood has been found in Florida and investigators will use the newly discovered evidence to try to solve cases that went cold decades ago. Bundy confessed to more than 30 murders before he was

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