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Thursday, August 25, 2011

HijUp.com, E-Commerce Platform for Muslim Clothing

Now you can celebrate Ramadhan without having stuck in traffic to Tanah Abang or ITC to get beautiful Muslim clothing (hijab). HijUp.com founded by Diajeng Lestari offers comfortable ecommerce platform in shopping Muslim clothing.

HijUp.com has owned 14 partners in 13 categories on their early launching. According to Diajeng, every designer can join HijUp.com as long as they can guarantee their product quality. Therefore, HijUp.com always conduct detail selection on every product before receiving and putting them on the display.

On the press release, Diajeng explained that Indonesia has a huge market size of Muslim clothing. The transaction can reach US$ 10 billion a year. The amount is believed to increase along with the Indonesia’s GDP of $3.000 considering the fact that Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world.

The opening of E-Commerce platform for Muslim clothing surely brings easiness for consumer in outside Jakarta and Bandung. They do not have to travel far to buy desired clothes for Lebaran. Their goods will arrive at the door just by click and transfer. According to Diajeng, some famous designer have join HijUp.com and also several young designer in Bandung and cities outside Java.

Generally, the appearance and navigations between pages of this website are pleasing, clean and neat. There are information appear when the order is more than the available stock. Also, the checkout flow is simple and easy to understand by every visitor. So far HijUp.com only support transfer payment using Bank Mandiri and BCA, payment features using credit cards and PayPal are still in development process. For shipping, they only serve Indonesia only.

HijUp.com is managed by PT Kreasi Online Indonesia. This company owned two other businesses. One of them is Bukalapak.com which recently funded by Batavia Incubator, the joint venture of Corfina Capital and Rebright Partner from Japan.

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