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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Facebook Messenger: New Facebooker Chat

Facebook has just released a messenger application for IOS and Android. Inside there are some features to send messages either through 3G networks, WiFi, or via SMS. Facebook Messenger somewhat got applause from the user. In a short time, the application immediately dominate a list of the most diundah on the iTunes Store. In the Android Market, the application is not yet topped the best-selling downloadable free suite of applications, but it’s been installed in more than 500 thousand gadgets with an average response from both users.

The process of downloading it did not take long, only a few seconds using a 3G network. After automatically installed, the application will prompt the user telephone number, finished filled it up Messenger is ready for use. Chat and SMS Facebook Messenger is designed so that the Facebooker can easily send each other messages, either text messages or picture form. In addition, this application also allows to send messages via SMS, it’s just delicious concept of reality is not offered.

When used for an online chat with friends on the computer, this application is running smoothly, can share text and images with ease. However, different if you want to send an SMS, although reportedly sent a message but did not get to the destination number. Other additional features in this application is the location. Users can share their location with friends ngobrolnya easier. To activate it, please press the direction arrow on the right messages to be sent, to turn it off just press once again.

Chatting Without Impaired Perhaps one of the special features in Messenger is a Facebook application allowing users to always receive notification messages in real time. Schedules can be adjusted, will be set periodically for 1 hour or only receive messages at any given time. This could limit the convenience of the user when online. Overall, this application is worthy dijajal Facebook users, especially if you belong to users who like to chat via the network said. But that does not mean his presence without a gap.

Facebook Messenger presence as a separate application from Facebook earlier, you could say a little inconvenient. Because the user must have these two applications together in one gadget. Not to mention when tested on a mobile phone based on Android 2.3, an application still crashes frequently and closed by itself.

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