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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Google to Install Solar Skylight

Google announced its plan to install a high-tech skylight that has solar cells and optics. It would be placed at one of its office buildings in Silicon Valley. EnFocus Engineering will provide the technology and it said that the Google project will be the test site for its prototype technology.

 Solar Skylight EnFocus designed a solar panel that features dozens of optical modules with lenses that direct sunlight on solar cells to generate electricity. The optical system directs and diffuses sunlight so that the room below would be uniformly lit be ambient light.

Even light is hard to accomplish with ordinary skylights. There are times that skylights produce light beams that are too bright because of uneven disbursement. This would not be a problem for homes but it could be an issue in the workplace, which can cause discomfort to some employees.

Google’s primary goal is to have quality lighting for its employees. Saving electricity is just a positive side effect. The company’s main goal is to make its engineers more production in the office. Google said that it likes to study and support new technologies. This is one of the reasons why the company picked EnFocus.

Each EnFocus solar panel can generate up to 288 watts of power. It measures 53 inches by 44 inches with a thickness of 8 inches. It weighs 100 pounds. They are encased in glass boxes to protect the solar cells from the environment.

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