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Monday, August 15, 2011

AP Sources: Crash Kills Members of SEAL Team 6

More than 20 SEAL Team 6 members perished in a helicopter crash when Taliban insurgents shot down a NATO Chinook troop transport with a possible rocket-propelled grenade over eastern Afghanistan on Saturday. The Associated Press reported that the

By KIMBERLY DOZIER and LOLITA C. BALDOR , 08.06.11, 01:24 PM EDT WASHINGTON — US officials tell The Associated Press that they believe that none of the Navy SEALs who died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan had participated in the raid that killed

The operators from SEAL Team Six were flown by a crew of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. That's according to one current and one former U.S. official. Both spoke on condition of anonymity because families

material objectionable that we won't and vice versa. If you submit a comment, the user name of your account will appear along with it. Users cannot remove their own comments once they have submitted them. AP sources: Crash kills members of SEAL Team 6.

Word spreads fast in the close-knit community-within-a-covert-community that is SEAL Team 6, and in the wee hours of Saturday morning they already knew the worst – more than 20 of their brothers had been killed. Those lucky enough to be home hugged

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