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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Youtube And Other Top Video Sharing Sites Suffer Huge Drop In Visitors

It’s fair to say that video sharing sites like Youtube, must not like the summer months.

According to marketing insights company, Nielsen, video sharing sites took a hit in terms of unique visitors starting June. One of the biggest losers was Youtube, who saw a 3 percent drop in month-on-month numbers leading up to the June period.

Youtube VisitorsAccording to Nielsen, who also conducted studies into the numbers of other major video sharing sites, the drop in visitors is directly attributed to the summer. Across the US, schools break for the summer holidays, and since the bulk of the video viewing population are of school age, the correlation is not unfounded.

The only video sharing site that saw an increase in visitors was the College Humour network, which saw an increase of 23.2 percent in unique visitors. Still, sites like Youtube can take comfort in the fact that the drop in numbers is entirely seasonal, and doesn’t reflect any structural change in how its visitors see the site. Indeed, the Nielsen study, as well as data collated by Experian HitWise, show that Youtube is still, the biggest player in the video sharing arena. Youtube is particularly popular in the UK, accounting for 1-in-5 visits among internet users in that country. What’s more, Youtube is the fastest growing social network in the UK.

With soaring temperatures raging across the US, more and more people will abandon the comforts of the house for the great outdoors. This might add to the declining video viewership, but things should pick up again after the summer, so the likes of Youtube shouldn’t be too worried.

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