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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google+ Tries To Lure In Celebrities

In the hopes of attracting more users, Google+ is said to be planning on bringing big names from Hollywood to sign up with the social network. This is its next move in order to lure people away from Facebook.

Google is said to be working on a celebrity acquisition plan that would help spread the word about the Google+ social network to attract more new users. While the growth rate of the user base is fast, Google doesn’t want it to stop.

At the planning stage, Google is identifying the celebrities who are already part of its new social network. It hopes to keep imposters from taking the identities of famous people. This is according to Hollywood consultant Brett Schulte during an interview with CNN.

He added that he spoke with the search giant about the issue and Google might come up with a button or seal of approval for profiles that are proven to belong to a well-known person. Google is still thinking how to verify the identification of the celebrities but it is possible that the company would require a faxed copy of the person’s driver’s license.

Google didn’t want to comment on the topic but it maintains that there are more stuff in stored for its new social network project.

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