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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Search Alerts Users About Malware

Google will start alerting users when malware is found in their systems. It would warn the users through search results. This new service is designed to give users an additional later of security. It is not meant to be a replacement of antivirus software but it could be an essential feature for people who don’t take malware seriously.

This is the first time that Google implemented security features outside of its Chrome browser and Android Market. The warnings in the search results could be useful in some degree but the users are still responsible for the safety of their computers.

Google said that it could only detect malware that have already affected the machine. It could not prevent viruses from infecting the system. You still need antivirus software to clean the system. People who ignore computer security will benefit from this new service from Google.

Google detected a certain malware by noting unusual patterns of activity in search traffic when performing routine maintenance of its data centers. It determined that the computers that showed odd behavior were infected with a certain type of malicious software that causes computers to send traffic to Google via a number of proxy servers. A warning will be displayed on top of the users’ search results if their computer is infected.

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