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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Plans To Stomp On Facebook With Its Google+ Games Platform

No social network is complete without the full integration of games; and not just any game—we’re talking the sort of games that can set off a viral frenzy. Google Games

Given this inherent requirement, it’s no surprise that Google is laying plans to launch its own gaming platform on Google+. The prevailing rumor is that the platform will make Facebook look like child’s play. According to reports, Google plans to make its platform more developer and user friendly. The incentive for developers is reported to be very solid, with Google planning to give each developer, the lions-share of any application downloads—more than 70%. This move will no doubt entice developers to “develop for Google+” over Facebook.

Google plans a full frontal assault on usability too. According to Tricia Duryee of AllThingsD, the gaming platform will run on Google’s Client technology. In a nutshell this means games will be run directly inside the chrome browser, without the need for installing pesky plugins. This of course is where the speed and ease of use comes in, and if things develop according to plan, users will be very happy indeed.

Already, Google has got on board some of the top developers in the social-gaming sphere, including the people behind “Angry Birds”. I expect more top developers to jump on the Google+ gravy train, so idea of Google+ posing a legitimate threat to Facebook might not seem far-fetched after all. Time will tell.

Are you a fan of gaming while hanging out on social networks? Watch the video below to see some analysis of Google next move.


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