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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Final shuttle launch spells end of an era

(Robert Casillas / Staff Photographer) Two years before the space shuttle's maiden launch, a 30-something rocket scientist stood close enough to touch the nearly 200-foot spacecraft sitting on the launch pad. The craft that took off like a rocket and

If you are afraid, you're going the final NASA Space Shuttle Launch on Friday to Miss the shuttle, Discovery Science Channel has you covered. The network cable cut together last shuttle. Our travel, air, night at 22.00 and include shots

Final Space Shuttle launch Friday. On Friday morning this week, Atlantis is set to lift off on the last ever Space Shuttle mission. I'll have more on the demise/de-emphasis of manned space flight during the Obama

CNN's Special Coverage of the Final Space Shuttle Launch Space Shuttle: Final Mission airs Friday, July 8th 10 a.m. to noon (ET) CNN anchor Anderson Cooper will lead the network's team of reporters from Cape Canaveral,

Space shuttle Atlantis stands ready for launch on Friday, and waves of nostalgia are already rolling over the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. But so are thunderstorms. The Air Force and NASA said Wednesday there is a 70

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