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Friday, May 27, 2011

25 Million Telecommunications Customer Data Leaked ?

Rumors that there are at least 25 million users of data telecommunications in Indonesia, which is leaking. This news immediately make attention of the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Body (BRTI). Are you a victim to ?
According Members BRTI Heru Sutadi, telecommunications user data leakage issue was raised after the claims of SMS broadcast product vendors who claim to have a database of 25 million active phone users inIndonesia. “This investigation is important to remember that user data is something that is confidential and protected by Telecommunications Act No. 36/1999. So, if this issue is true, then obviously it’s an offense,” said Heru.
The investigation is also associated with the rise of SMS sending spam that is broadcast from the banks who offer credit cards and loans without collateral (KTA). “From the public reports, many banks send SMS spam is Standard Chartered Bank and ANZ. In addition to banking, such patterns are now also followed by premium phone providers,” he said.
Before investigating further, BRTI also had discussions with the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI). “Consumers are have a lot of protests because the words used in the Promotion is very vulgar,” said Heru. Currently there are over 180 million telecom subscribers in Indonesia. If the data leakage issue is true, BRTI may worry because all existing customer data will become the next victim.

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  1. That sounds pretty bad. If we can't trust our premium providers, who can we trust?

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