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Friday, May 27, 2011

2014, Android beat Symbian?

Gartner research firm predicts the operating system (OS),Android will become the main competitor Symbian OS in 2010. Android is predicted to occupy second place in the OS market this year. Even the possibility of Android might shift the dominance from the top of the Symbian OS phone market in 2014. Jump in number of users of Android, shifting other OS like OS’s Research in Motion (RIM) Blackberry and iPhones and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS. According to Gartner’s analysis, four years into the future Android phone marketshare will reach 30 percent of all sales of mobile phoneoperating system operating system. Symbian will have a 30.2 percent global market share in the year 2014, while the Android will reach 29.6 percent.
Gartner states, to reach the top position the OS market, Android will play a pricing strategy, whereby in the second quarter of this Android mobile-phone manufacturers will lower prices cheaper. The objective is to enhance the growth of Google’s Android operating system so it is possible to reach the number two position worldwide. If proven, the Android successfully hit the target two years ahead of Google’s targeted. The market for mobile operating system has become a major battleground for technology companies. Because the needs of consumers who are increasingly using their mobile phone to access the Internet, listen to digital music and play video games. So it takes the OS that is able to accommodate the needs of consumers.
Currently Google’s Android, which is offered free for phone vendors, has experienced dramatic growth since the present to the market two years ago. At least more than 200,000 Android phone, from Motorola Inc., HTC Corp. and Samsung Electronics, which sold every day.

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