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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week in Rock History: Fleetwood Mac Breaks Up and Johnny Cash Dies


This is the number one tribute to the late Johnny Cash and features magnificent Clive John as the man in black. The first strikes in the 1950s to the final. Range in 2010 for Johnny Cash tribute band Roadshow Clive John, Nick Davis, Alan

'Fresh out the El Paso County jail wit @Babybash @Biggroy, in the same tank they held Willie Nelson/Johnny Cash,' Wall tweeted following his release. By.

asked the slender waiter dressed in Johnny Cash-black. Where indeed. The Jinnah Indian restaurant, as many are these days, is housed in a former pub; Ecclesfield's old Earl of Arundel, just down the road from Morrisons. And on a Monday night,

Before I say why, I need to say a few words about Johnny Cash, who died on September 12, this week, eight years ago. What is your earliest musical memory? Mine is: One evening in about 1973 my dad put Johnny Cash's "The Wreck of the Old 97" on the

On the YouTube page for Google's Chrome Web browser, the company released a commercial (bel0w) commemorating The Johnny Cash Project, a global art project to help illustrate the music video for Cash's final studio

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