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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking WebCam Photo on Crapto.com

Photo and Internet, these two things can be “the spell” for a service to be successful in getting many users. No all services do the same, but some services take this segment to get users and even to get devoted users, for example Flickr and Instagram.

There already exists local service in mobile application named Pikubo and now there is Crapto.com for those who like to take photo and spread it up to social media.

Crapto.com is a service that enables users to take photos using webcam then publish them into Crapto site or to some social media including Facebook and Twitter. The taken pictures published in Crapto can be given comments. Users can give comments to other users’ pictures.

The appearance of the site is quite interesting with modern design elements and fascinating details. For example, when we want to take photo using webcam, there will be a box, a camera box with quite good design.

It is easy to use the service, after registering, like other social media, you will go to your private profile. In the main page, you can see stream for other pictures taken by other users. If you want to go to photo facility, you can choose Snap Yours button, so you will be led to use your webcam to take photos. You can add category and explanation to your photos. However, when you register, you have to check the name availability and give your email address. You can not skip this process.

In this site, you may also browse other users’ profile, looks for most popular picture, your own gallery or photo collection. In the search column, you can search using certain keywords. You also can add categories and other info when saving photo.

Well, we can say that Crapto is social media with photo segment. Although other social media also give the similar facility, the snapping experience—taking photo right from the site can be the selling point from this service. There is a social feature from this site such as a feature to count how many view of the photo, favorite feature, and comment. Personally, I haven’t search for information whether there is any similar service like Crapto in Indonesia or world-wide. However, there are some services using webcam as the main device but different in other services.

According to the explanation on the site, the name Crapto is taken from internet term “To Crap” which means as an activity to spread out meaningless random words or pics across the Internet. It’s little bit weird, because crap may also mean “rubbish”. May be they want to emphasis that users can share any photo they took from webcam, important photos or the unimportant ones.

Looks like Crapto.com is a single developer project. Aidil Mulada who works as web consultant by his company Alegodesign, has developed Crapto by himself. I hardly found the other names or team who work on developing Crapto. However, Crapto also open for business, for example brand can use Crapto for event and users can selling product using this service.

“Photo and internet” strategy to get users becomes trend lately. Although, commonly it uses mobile devices such as mobile phone and tablet, we still have laptop and desktop computer, don’t we? Though, I have been a while I didn’t use my laptop, but talking about Indonesian people, Crapto still have a chance. Let’s see whether the webcam photo become the trend!

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