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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mozilla Firefox for Tablet

Firefox Mozilla web browser application which will be available for tablet computing devices  design leaked . Firefox is developed by the Mozilla Mobile team will run the Android operating system 3.0.

Until now Mozilla has not determined the certainty regarding the timely launch of Firefox Tuesday. Ian Barlow, Mozilla’s mobile user experience designer, said that the Firefox version of the tablet that was developed was an evolution of Firefox for mobile phones earlier versions. Modification that includes several enhancements that give advantage in sailing larger tablet.

“The mobile phone version, we hide all elements of the UI (user interface). On the tablet that has a larger screen, we bring a few elements that help on the screen, such as tabs,” Barlow said.

Barlow argues, when the tablet is positioned horizontally (landscape), tabs or windows in the Mozilla browser will appear on the left side of the screen making it easier for users to move the browser window. In the vertical position (portrait), the tab will be hidden so as to give a wider space for content that is accessed.

Since Mozilla does not explain when it will release a browser, it seems you have to be patient. You can tell Firefox to leak tabletdesign can be seen in Barlow’s Flickr.

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