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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8 Metro

The release of Windows 8 to the public, certainly makes many people want to try the latest operating system from Microsoft. New Windows 8 UI, Metro-Based User Interface, some controls have been changed in this UI and make it better. However, considering the fact that the UI in Windows 8 Metro in designated specifically for touch screen-based devices, learn some keyboard shortcuts to be very useful for devices such as laptops and desktop computers.

Below are some shortcuts that frequently used and will certainly be very useful for you in operating Windows 8. Among others:

Win + Spacebar: Switch to the menu language and keyboard layoutWin + C: Opens CharmsWin + D: Show DesktopWin + E: Opens Windows ExplorerWin + F: Opens the Search panelWin + H: Open Share CharmWin + I: Opens the setup settings charmWin + K: Opens the Connect CharmWin + L: Lock the computerWin + O: Locking the screen rotationWin + R: RunWin + V: Cycle through toastsWin + W: Open the settings panel of the searchWin + Y: Peek at the desktopWin + Z: Open panel applicationWin + Shift + V: Reverse cycle through toastsWin + Enter: Run the narratorWin + PgUp: Move the tiles to the leftWin + PgDn: Move the tiles to the rightWin + Shift +. : Move to the left screenWin +. : Moves screen to the right

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