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Monday, September 12, 2011

Google offers solution – Iranians at risk – Cyber Attack

Iran should change their password. This has been adviced by Google Inc in the wake of a cyber attack that has affected a major swath of the country.

“We learned last week that the compromise of a Dutch company involved with verifying the authenticity of websites could have put the Internet communications of many Iranians at risk, including their Gmail,” Google said.

“While Google‘s internal systems were not compromised, we are directly contacting possibly affected users and providing similar information below because our top priority is to protect the privacy and security of our users,” Good Time to Change Your Gmail Password [Hackers]” href=”http://itpopular.com/psa-now%e2%80%99s-a-good-time-to-change-your-gmail-password-hackers/”>Google said.

Google, recommended on Thursday that all users in Iran follow a series of steps to protect themselves, including changing their Gmail passwords and verifying their account recovery options.

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