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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After A While, AdMob Users Should Move To AdSense Mobile

It just made sense, after Google acquired mobile ad-network AdMob November 2009 it’s just about time they integrate AdMob with their current AdSense platform.

We recently received email from the AdMob team to register for an AdSense account and start using AdSense for mobile for monetizing content. The email also indicates some sort of deadline, September 30th 2011 for publishers to go “uninterrupted”

Here’s the full email

Dear AdMob Mobile Web Publisher,

Following the acquisition of AdMob by Google, we have continued to operate parallel products for mobile web publishers on both the AdSense and AdMob platforms. To ensure we offer a single best solution for mobile web publishers, we will be focusing our efforts on the AdSense platform going forward. On September 30, 2011, we are beginning this transition to the AdSense platform and will discontinue support for WAP mobile web on the AdMob network.

All publishers who are currently using AdMob’s WAP mobile web solution are asked to register for an AdSense account and begin using the Google AdSense for mobile content. This change enables Google to offer our mobile web publishers an industry leading content monetization solution with access to advertisers interested in reaching your mobile audience.

We encourage you to use Google AdSense to monetize your mobile webpages going forward. Google AdSense for mobile provides you many of the same features with more flexible reporting tools. Implementing Google AdSense now will allow you to continue monetizing your mobile content after September 30 without disruption.

To get started using Google AdSense for mobile, visit google.com/adsense and log in with a Google Account. If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create an account for free at https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount. Once you have been approved as an AdSense publisher, simply log in to your account to create a new mobile ad unit and generate ad code for your site. If you are already an existing AdSense publisher, you can create a new mobile ad unit to start monetizing your mobile site right away.

For questions about this transition, please visit http://helpcenter.admob.com/content/admob-mobile-web-sunset. For additional support on Google AdSense, visit the Help Center at http://www.google.com/support/adsense/.


The Google AdMob Team

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