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Friday, August 5, 2011

What's Next for Clean Energy

Realistically even the best solar panels are eventually going to have to be replaced. The typical life of a solar panel is between ten and fifteen years. So if it takes sixteen years to pay for you panels you are going

Ikea Group isn't just for home-furnishings the company is also invested in wind and solar power after announcing on Friday that they have purchased a new wind.

DIY Home-Built Solar Panels Have you ever wondered if you were.

Solar panels were installed on top of the Helen Keller Library in Tuscumbia. A monitor inside the library displays how much energy the panels generate and how much is saved by their usage. Frances Wallace works on a computer below the monitor with Tony

Prices of key clean energy technologies are plummeting, bringing many technologies such as distributed solar and energy storage closer and closer to mass deployment. The cost of solar panels today is about 20% below that of a year ago.

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