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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rick Perry, Sarah Palin: The elephants not in the room

ABC News' Arlette Saenz (@arlettesaenz) reports: After months of speculation and prodding by Republicans, Texas Governor Rick Perry has officially entered the 2012 race. His spokesman, Mark Miner confirmed that Perry is

Come on, Rick! Sit this one out! We asked nicelyjust check out the photo (above)! As if we didn´t have enough terrifying prospects for potential Presidents, we´ve JUST learned that

I wonder if presidential candidates like Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney are so flexible – right now, they're the center of unfavorable comments. In the case of Governor Romney, I found out about his

Stephen Colbert has a message for Iowa Republicans ahead of Saturday's symbolic Ames straw poll: Don't support Rick Perry, the not-yet-quite-but-soon-to-be-officially-running favorite candidate of shady, deep-pocketed

Rick Perry. Perry is expected to surge to the top tier of the GOP field after officially announcing his campaign on Saturday, and the candidates on stage Thursday said they welcomed Perry's entry into the race. "We all need prayers,

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