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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oil tumbles further; Brent below $100

The effects of high crude oil prices are insidiously working their way through the world economy. Because oil is at the core of almost everything we do; any dramatic price shifts are almost immediately reflected in major

The remarks were made in response to claims by the public that China's current domestic prices fail to reflect falling international crude oil prices. But the National Development and Reform Commission also assured the public that it would cut pump

By CommoditiesMansion on August 8, 2011 | More Posts By CommoditiesMansion | Author's Website By CommoditiesMansion.com Crude oil prices dropped back on Monday to reach the lowest level since November 2010 after the S&P downgraded the AAA credit rating

Crude oil prices pulled back from an early surge. a government report on Friday morning showed employers added 117000 jobs in July. Unemployment fell slightly, to 9.1 percent. The news helped push crude as high as $88.32

Price of Crude Oil Dips Due to US Debt Downgrade – Your auto encyclopedia.

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