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Monday, August 8, 2011

NFL Network to be available on cable provider Charter starting this season

Brian Sandoval announced Monday that he has appointed Steve Canavero of Reno as director of the State Charter School Authority. Sandoval recently signed into a law a measure creating a governing body to handle the charter school work that was

American Indian Public Charter School, American Indian Public Charter School II, and American Indian Public High School, have made a name for themselves for achieving some of the highest test scores in the state of

Nine US airports have been approved for charter flights to Cuba, Reuters reported this morning. The Cuban travel agency Havanatur Celimar made the a.

Charter Communications Inc. said Monday it completed its acquisition of three cable systems from Overland Park, Kan.-based Windjammer Communications. The deal affects about 17000 of Windjammer's customers in Alabama and Georgia.

The Disasters Charter has been activated for a Flood in Niigata, Japan: Flood in Niigata, Japan. Type of Event: Floods Location of Event: Japan Date of Charter Activation: 30/07/2011. Charter Requestor: Masaru Arakida,

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