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Monday, August 8, 2011

New Facebook Status Update Feature: I am Pregnant!

For many women and their families, conceiving is a big deal. The disclosure of pregnancy however, is not the same across the board—some people like to let people know, while others do not.

Facebook Pregnancy Announcement FeatureWell for those who like to broadcast every momentous event in their lives, Facebook has just added the ability to update your status with news of a pregnancy. This new feature is available not only to pregnant women, but for just about anyone who would care to share the news about a pregnancy.

According to the daily mail, the new feature is welcomed by people who previously couldn’t involve their babies on Facebook without breaking the 13 year age requirement—yes, the only way your baby could get on Facebook was with their own profile. Now your baby or the baby of anyone you know can be prominently displayed in your newsfeed. And since it lets you enter details such when the baby is due, you can have an interactive countdown to the big day—how lovely?

There is however, another way to look at this new feature. Allowing people to put “pregnancy status updates” on their profiles, creates another layer of targeting. Now advertisers who sell stuff related to babies can better target their ads. Of course, this way of looking at things could be totally off; Facebook could very well only be interested in making their platform baby-friendly. Somehow, though, I doubt it—if there’s money at stake, and Google+ lurking, Zuckerberg leaves no stone unturned.

Whatever the motivations for the new “I am expecting” feature, it will be a welcomed addition for the millions of people who like to share their lives.

Do you think this new feature is worthwhile? Watch the video below to see more great features inside Facebook.


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