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Thursday, August 18, 2011

In Wake Of Two Triathletes' Deaths, NYC Event May See Changes

AP NEW YORK — New York City has opened cooling centers in all five boroughs as the heat wave continues. The National Weather Service said the temperature was 92 in Central Park at 10 am Saturday. Friday's high was 104. Tony Eckinger saw the heat as a

Race officials say they don't believe that the two deaths had anything to do with weather or water conditions. At the triathlon's start in the early morning, both air and water temperatures were in the high 70s. And the swim portion, held in the Hudson

I am visiting new York City for the first time ever this October, what is the weather like at this time of year? I'm starting to regret booking it for October as I don't want it to be raining, dark and cold.

From the assumption that Mets fans check out once there's no chance of the postseason to the invitation for readers to submit cutesy Lettermanesque items, the target audience is fair-weather fans, brainless NYC drones and snarky douchebags without

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