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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to View Blocked Content on Facebook

There is an interesting post on XDA developers here recently covering tricks posted by Marko on how to view blocked content on Facebook private profiles.

The trick is said to be working on Android devices with official Facebook app installed, granting access on viewing Facebook private content and pictures of anyone’s as if they have added you as friends.

Unpermitted and illegitimate access to anyone’s Facebook profile and viewing content that are meant for friends only is undoubtly unacceptable to us, as we write this we have yet to try out the trick but many has responded success on the forum thread in prying on the blocked content. We at Pczonenow are hoping it will not do much harm as perverts are everywhere Lol.

Following is the trick as shown on XDA forum thread here by Marko:

The first step is to make sure that you have Facebook installed on your phone.Now log into your account.After this tap on the person’s profile pic whose hidden content e.g. photos you want to see.And as their profile is still loading, quickly tap on the photos tab.And voila! you are now in that person’s photo gallery with access to all their photos.It is worth mentioning that you will need to do it quickly while the profile is loading. Failing to do so will land you on the info page with same add as a friend button.

View the original article here

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