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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Google Wants to Redact Email In Android Lawsuit

Google asks the judge in charge of the lawsuit that Oracle filed against it to redact an email written by one of its employees. The search giant said that it is a confidential document and Oracle should not have revealed it in the court.  Email

Oracle filed the lawsuit last August 2010 and claimed that Google’s Android platform violated several patents that Oracle owned through its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. The email in question came from Google engineer Tim Lindholm and was sent in August 2010. In the email he said that they were asked to investigate alternatives to Java for Chrome and Android to which he said that there is none and that Google should negotiate for a Java license.

The contents of the email were disclosed last week during a hearing. Judge William Alsup told Google’s lawyers during the hearing that the company they represent will be at the losing end if the contents were revealed to a jury. He said to Oracle’s side that the email is good evidence against the search giant.

Google doesn’t want the email to be made public, especially not in front of a jury. The company maintained that the document was highly confidential and the protective order says that parties involved should give other parties notice when the proceeding will include protected material.

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