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Monday, August 1, 2011

Google To Add New Functionality To Circles With Latest Acquisition

Google’s relentless march to the top of the social media mountain just got another boost with the announcement that they’ve acquired the start-up called Fridge. Google+

What is Fridge? Well, before Google came up with the idea of making it easier to segment your friends, Fridge had pioneered that functionality. The start-up created a social network that made it easy for you to organize your friends into groups, plan events and share photos. They got so good at it that they grew to a user base of 40,000.

With the acquisition, Google is clearly showing its desire to make Circles one of the cornerstones of Google+ and reports are that the Fridge team will hit the ground running as they work to make Circles better. At present, the “groups” functionality is lacking in Google+ so the expertise Fridge brings to the table will be might handy. Throw in “event planning” functionality and Google+ will be pretty much Facebook on steroids.

The rumors are flying that Google+ goes live to the public on the 31st July 2011, and whilst that may or may not be the case, it is clear Google wants the platform to be robust enough to live up to the hype. Expect more acquisitions to be announced since Google+ is not quite the juggernaut that Google is looking to build.

Watch the video below to see the really cool benefits of Google+ Circles.


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