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Monday, August 1, 2011

Google+ Regrets Move On Businesses

Two weeks ago. Google asked businesses not to make Google+ profiles because it is still setting up pages for businesses. At present, the search giant wants only real people on its social network. The company came out with what it has done so far and hopes to roll out the feature that would include nonprofits, companies, bands and other organizations into Google+ as soon as possible.

Google promised that it would be available later this year and has already started taking applications from o0rganizations that are interested to beta test the pages for businesses on Google+. The company was swamped with applications that it decided to speed up the process and roll out the feature really soon.

Google asked businesses that are currently in Google+ to switch from a company to a real person or the profile will be deleted. TechCrunch made a profile for a fake person named Techathew Cruncheri and Google deleted it. It also removed the profiles for Ford, Search Engine Land and Sesame Street.

Mashable had a page in Google+ and it transferred it in the name of its CEO Pete Cashmore. He already had a profile but he will ditch that to run the new personal page.

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