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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Google Offers to Host Web Sites

Google announced a new service that would rewrite and host customers’ web pages so that they would load faster. The new service will not be free. The search giant said that the new Page Speed Service will be rolled out sometime in the future but it didn’t give a definite timeline for it.  Google hosting

In the past, Google said that a faster web more result to more online activities and more ad revenue for the company. The company will charge for the service. At present, it is offered to a limited number of webmasters free of charge but it would charge for it in the future. Google promised that the pricing would be competitive and details will be announced soon.

Google said that pages they would host will load 25 percent to 60 percent faster. It wants webmasters and users to test the Page Speed Service to experience the difference. Google describes the service as an online service that would speed up loading speed of web pages. Webmasters must sign up and then point the site’s DNS entry to Google. It would then get the content of the site, rewrite the pages and serve them to end users through Google’s servers.

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