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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Facebook will meet his death on 5 November

Facebook will meet his death on 5 November. Thus the goal that released by the hacker group Anonymous. In a video posted on YouTube, the Anonymous reveal their plan to ‘overthrow’ Facebook and they invite anyone to participate in such action. It is said by the group, “medium of communication that you admire will be destroyed”.

Facebook businesses dropped by internet hacker group is linked to the opinion of Anonymous that Facebook has violated the privacy and misuse of information users. “All that you post on Facebook will always be there even though you have removed your account,” the voice modulator in a video posted on 16 June.

Anonymous claims, information on the networking site Facebook has sold it to the government and security firms to spy on people. But of course it takes extra effort to subvert the powerful giants who inhabited the site 750 million this user.

Anonymous had once failed in an attempt to subvert the Amazon. In the Anonymous group itself seems not all members participate in the plan dropped Facebook. Through Twitter account @ GroupAnon, this group wrote “FYI-# OpFacebook organized by several Anons. This means that not all # Anonymus will agree that the plan”.

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