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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bistip.com New Look with New Facilities and API

By the end of July, BisTip freshen up their service with the new look and some new facilities such as insurance, item oriented facilities, Bistipes character, and API for the third party who wants to use their service.

BisTip is a web-based courier service that provides facilities for those who wish to entrust their items or have items entrusted to them for delivery purposes for a fee. People can offer their offer in Bistip.com.

BisTip previously has done a ‘small’ changes on their site. The current changes is more major in design elements compared to their former look.

One of the changes is that BisTip now more likely to be ‘item oriented’ as explained by Willy Ekasalim, founder of BisTip. He points that the strategy is using goods to increase user activities. BisTip user who wants to travels and wants to be entrusted now able to inform what goods can be entrusted to them. This mechanism also works for people who want to entrust their goods. Additional info for the goods that entrust can be about category or other info.

Moreover, BisTip now has Bistipes, a brand character who can do real courier services. He is a representative for BisTip in providing free courier service with a given route.

In addition to RekBer – joint accounts facilities, BisTip now also provide incurance. “Insurance is an option for protecting the transaction”, Willy explained. “We suggest users to buy our insurance. We offer Rp 5,000 for goods replacement maximum Rp 500,000, and Rp 10,000 for maximum Rp 1.000.000.  It is negotiable. We hope that the user will feel more comfortable choosing the safe transaction facilities.” For further information, click here.

BisTip also provides API. “We are open for those who want to use our data. We imagine that some e-commerce shop would like to ship their goods with Bistiper”, Willy explained via email.

With 1,500 members, BisTip keeps improving and developing their services. This could be an impact of their investment by InvestIdea. BisTip service is quite interesting probably because it is a local services that suits to Indonesian market where the independent courier service – entrust goods one to other are really common.

I myself still doubt about BisTip achievement in the future. There are still so many innovation and education to users to be done in a long term. Yet their service update is quite interesting. For example, I do not know if their API will gain success. It can be hard for an e-commerce to use it widely, but it is more to serve services such as additional features for social network or e-commerce site that have community where the seller and buyer have more engagement than just buy and sell.

This UI redesign of BisTip, says Willy, is to enhance the comfort of BisTip user. What do you think?

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