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Friday, July 29, 2011

Sedapur Won Nokia Fellowship Award

E-commerce site specifically about food selling and purchase for small businesses, Sedapur.com, which was founded by Soegianto has won a Nokia Fellowship which is one of the award in the International Young Creative Entrepreneur 2011 in early July.

Soegianto entitled to IDR 200 million of development fund. This value is close to the number Sedapur needs listed in the business proposal for this event which is IDR 232,2 million. Soegianto’s daily work is a consultant in Information Technology.

Soegianto won over six other finalists after a rigorous selection selected from 227 registered applications. Interestingly, from the seven Nokia Fellowship finalists, Sedapur is already running and it’s the only tech startup. This is proof that tech startup can no longer be underestimated, both in terms of solutions offered by them and its execution. Seven selected finalists were also had the opportunity to get a business training on Basic Business Plan, Sales & Marketing, Taxes & Finance, Leadership, Operational Management and Presentation Techniques.

We have discussed about Sedapur which officially launched last May. We covered the initial design on November, they release alpha (limited tester) on January. Sedapur has a quite attractive display and has been covering around Greater Jakarta area. Sedapur open up opportunities for small food and beverages entrepreneurs; that have been perhaps difficult to sell his products to a wider area, to be able to develop its market online. Not only that; Sedapur help delivery solutions by providing reliable courier services.

According to the other Sedapur founder, Jacky Lokan, their focus is to connect the domestic industry in the field of food and beverages with the buyer, through the provision of services that provide added value to the product seller. It is born from the fact that many house wife with food products that have the potential sale value but was blocked by the problems in marketing, management of payment, and delivery.

Hopefully by obtaining the Nokia Fellowship, Sedapur can expand its service area to other areas in Indonesia and helping small business to harness the potential of online sales.

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