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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ohio Tax Collections Break Trend

COLUMBUS — The Ohio state budget office reported on Thursday that the state has finally broken a four-year trend of falling tax collections amid the recession and manufacturing layoffs. The Columbus Dispatch reported that the state has shown tax

They dubbed it the “million-signature march” and then delivered, literally.

By Bob Hunter, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio July 6–Camellia Forrest has lived on East Mound Street since 1960, and yesterday was the first time she had heard that a major league baseball park once stood across the street

A group of residents has vowed to seek a referendum in an attempt to block a planned Walmart in Westerville, but the developer said the residents have no legal ground.

The Columbus Dispatch published an article on July 8, 2011, concerning Ohio State University's rules-compliance program. The article, by Encarnacion Pyle and Bill Rabinowitz, “outlined how the compliance department works

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