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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let's celebrate with South Sudan and nurture a new country

South Sudan, which will become the world?s newest nation on Saturday, is opening up after decades of brutal war, which killed some two million people and left its infrastructure in ruins. Wildlife also suffered but many populations did survive,

By Sarah Oughton Following years of civil war and a referendum in January, South Sudan is poised to become an independent country on 9 July. Chief executive Nick Young recently visited the region to assess progress on the setting up of the South Sudan

At the stroke of midnight Friday, South Sudan will become the world's newest independent nation and across the country the South Sudanese are preparing to celebrate their first independence day. In January of 2011, South Sudan, which makes up around a

On 9th July 2011, the nation of South Sudan will finally become a State. Having been part of the Republic of Sudan for more than five decades, the South

By Beatrice Gachenge NAIROBI, July 8 (Reuters) – British American Tobacco Kenya expects a slowdown in volume growth in the second half of the year with a rise in excise duty and plans to enter South Sudan to lift growth, its head said on Friday.

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