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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google Shuts Down Google Labs

Google closes its Google Labs in the efforts of streamlining and simplifying its products. This was announced by the company through its official blog. This is part of the company’s efforts to refocus its efforts on its products. This is one of its CEO Larry Page’s goals when he got the position.

The company learned a lot of things by launching early prototypes of products through Google Labs. By refocusing the company, it could make the most out of the opportunities available. By closing down the Labs, it would end all the experiments. The company has incorporated some of the Labs products and technologies into various product areas. Lab products that are available as Android apps will still be available on the Android Market.

Google Labs has been the company’s testing ground for its new products and features added to existing Google services and products such as Gmail, Google Wave, and Google Calendar. Testing on the Google Labs was by invitation only. It was the process that Google implemented when it initially rolled out its Google+ social network last June.

Google once said advertised Google Labs as the playground where its more adventurous users can play with prototypes of products and give feedback to the engineers who developed the programs and services.

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