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Monday, July 25, 2011

Google Adds Brand New Button To Circles Toolbar & Puts Circle-Building On Steroids

Google+ is now sitting at an estimated 18 million users, but even with such phenomenal growth, Google is not satisfied. Only complete world domination will do it seems, and so in an effort to take over the world, a new button has been added to the Circles toolbar.

Google+ Address Book Uploader

This magical button makes adding people to your circles super easy—and super-fast. Now with just a few clicks of your mouse, you upload entire address books. Those few hundred or so people you have stored in Outlook or Thunderbird just became useful. This new button adds additional oomph to the process of building circles, since the ability to upload from Hotmail and Yahoo are already present.

The upload feature from an address book is also very intuitive, allowing you to drag and drop friends into the circles you desire. It’ll even filter those contacts already added into circles from other sources such as Hotmail.

Only a button that lets you upload contacts from Facebook stands between Google+ and total world social media domination. And with Facebook very anxious of the growth of Google+, I don’t expect to see such a button—ever! Facebook has so far thwarted all efforts to let users export their contacts, and I expect that policy to remain extant.

Facebook effort aside though, we can expect Google+ to grow an even greater rate with this new feature.

Watch the video below to see more on the address book uploader.


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