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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Apple seeds iOS 5 beta 4 as an OTA update

iOS 5 beta 4It looks like we’re getting closer to the imminent release date of iOS 5. The latest beta of the operating system (beta 4) has been pushed out to developers and for the first time in the history of iOS it updates without the use of a computer. Previously users needed to update their iOS devices by downloading the latest firmware onto their computers and then plugging their device in to update it. iOS 5 is going to cut the cord and make use of over the air updates instead, and now they’ve finally started to implement it.

In addition to the OTA update, iOS 5 brings WiFi sync as well, again removing the need for a cord when syncing their devices with iTunes. iOS 5 is said to be arriving this fall, and each beta brings us one step closer to its release date. With features like iMessage, iCloud integration, wireless sync and OTA updates – it’s one update that many users are looking forward to.

Apple seeds iOS 5 beta 4 as an OTA update, By Ubergizmo. Top Stories : Xperia Play Review, Samsung Infuse 4G Review,

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