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Friday, May 27, 2011

Japan Earthquake: Internet The Only Hope for Communication

Deputy Foreign Minister Triono Wibowo said the communication through cell phones in Japan is difficult because of damage to infrastructure and systems of the earthquake and tsunami disaster a few days ago.
Currently, communication with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia and Indonesian nationals in Japan only be forged through the internet service. “Network telephone can not be used. Currently only communication that we rely on the Internet,” he said before attending a working meeting with the House of Representatives Commission I on Monday (3/14/2011).
A number of Indonesian citizens living in Japan also recognizes the difficulty of communication via mobile phones in Japan today. One of them, Todo Napitupulu, citizens who live in Chofu Japan, confirms this difficulty. Todo use his account on the social networking up to provide information that he, his wife and her newborn baby in good health.
“Since the earthquake, the telephone operator on the mobile phone down all, would contact the family could not by telephone, should be through YM and google chat,” he wrote.
The Indonesian government also repatriated 121 Indonesians who survived the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Sendai, the center’s worst earthquake in Japan. They are expected to arrive in Indonesia on Tuesday morning. The citizens are losing their possessions and their homes destroyed. Embassy managed to collect them and some days they had been evacuated while in Tokyo. 

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